Enjoy a classic look with just the right amount of fashion savvy and elegance with our full line of Worthington watches!

Timeless styling at an affordable price that always keeps you on trend and on time.


My crown won’t push in to activate the battery
Look to see if there is a small plastic crown stopper. If there is one, remove it, set the time and then push the crown into position against the case.
Can I get extra links for my Worthington Watch?
Yes. In most cases additional links (usually up to 2) or an extension clasp can be supplied.
Can I get a longer Strap?
Sorry. the strap is a standard size and we do not carry extended strap lengths.
How should I return my watch for service?
Send via your preferred carries insured prepaid with a check or money order for $8.50 to cover the cost of handling and return postage. (This is not a repair charge) Service Center - 114 Seaview Drive - Secaucus, NJ 07096 att: service dept.
Do I need to register my Worthington watch to activate the warranty?
No registration is required. Just retain your warranty card and receipt.
My watch is not keep accurate time
This may be caused by a weak battery. Take watch to local jeweler or watch repair facility to replace with new battery.
How do I remove links from my watch?
Our bracelet models are generally sizable. if you look on the back of the bracelet links you will see arrows that point in the direction the pins come out. It is best to have sized at a local jewelry store.
My crown won’t pull out
The watch model you purchase might have a screw down crown. Please turn counter clock wise to allow crown to be pulled out.
Where can I purchase Worthington Watches?
Our watches can be found at all JCPenney Retail Stores and online at The specific link to see Worthington watches is


To start timepiece, remove plastic tab and push crown in.

Worthington timepieces have a one year limited warranty from date of original purchase. This warranty covers all manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear or abuse and excludes battery, case, crystal or strap/bracelet malfunction or deterioration resulting from accident, negligence or tampering. In the event of a defect or malfunction, the watch will be repaired or replaced at our discretion, provided that it is returned prepaid with a check or money order for $8.50 to cover the cost of handling, return postage, and insurance. (This is not a repair charge). PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH. There will be no additional charge unless additional servicing is required for reasons beyond our control such as damage to the battery, case, crystal, or strap.

Watch Service Center
Service Center Hours 9am-5pm Eastern Time
Service Center - 114 Seaview Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07096
Tel: 201-330-9324

Pull the crown out to its furthest position. Turn the crown clockwise to set the hands to the desired time. Once finished, push the crown back to its original position.